Destiny Cuisine Corporate Caterers


Fine Dining

The Destiny Fine Dining experience is all about elegance, refinement and those finer details that make your guests feel like royalty.

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Destiny Express

The mobile caterers at Destiny Express provide a pop-up coffee shop or mobile bar facility for your company. Daily coffee, pastries and hot lunch.

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Destiny Cuisine

The corporate caterers at Destiny Foods have moved with the tides of change since its inception. Our meals are targeted at being healthy and filling.

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Choc Fountain

Very few people can resist the silky smooth allure of warm, melted Belgian chocolate – especially when it’s cascading as a never-ending fountain of deliciousness.

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Corporate Catering

We’re an award-winning corporate catering service, that’s one of South Africa’s finest. Driven by passion, we are uncompromising on quality, service excellence and taste. It’s the fresh approach in everything we do that sets us apart. Our aim is simple: to consistently provide an unforgettable dining experience at affordable prices and we do this through constant innovation and exceptional leadership.

Events catering and Express corporate catering services

The Destiny Cuisine experience is aimed at mass market catering with high-end results, regardless of whether your guest list is 500 people or corporate catering for 10 000 people. Menus are completely customisable, with a maximum of six fully-catered meals per day for large-scale functions, celebrations, congresses and community events and thanks to our exceptional team’s experience we can cater at your facility or offsite. Kosher and Halaal meals can be requested in advance and are supplied through our existing partnerships with outsourced providers.

This year, we’re launching three new innovative brands for our clients: Destiny Fine Dining, Destiny Express and Destiny Cuisine. Click the links to see if these options suit your needs or for more information.